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Lead Coach-Trainer & Supervisor for coaches at Training & Coaching Square

Guest Professor Coaching Erasmushogeschool Brussels

Who is Kathleen Bosman?

Kathleen is Professional Certified Coach ICF and member of the International Coach Federation. She is Lead trainer and Supervisor for coaches who want to acquire or renew the ICF ACC or PCC credential at the ICF ACTP-school Training & Coaching Square. She is also Executive coach and mentor-coach for leaders in organizations.

Kathleen has a high level of credibility thanks to her authenticity, her integrity and her long corporate business experience in Human Resources and Sales, leading teams from 5 to 200 people in international companies (a.o. Citibank and Unilever). Today she works closely together with CEOs, HR and Management teams in all industries (Banking and Insurance, FMCG, Energy, Media and Music, ICT, Consultancy, Institutions etc.) delivering coaching training to develop leaders’ coaching competencies and to bring the Growth mindset into the organization. She also has many years of experience and expertise in developing a coaching culture within organizations (Melexis, AXA, BICS, Proximus …) and as a facilitator for team meetings and executive meetings (Melexis, Citigroup, Proximus, Unilever, The Coaching Square, ING, Alissia International etc.)

In addition to her main activities, Kathleen is also Guest Professor Coaching at Erasmushogeschool Brussels.

Coach & trainer for leading companies

Kathleen bosman coach references companies
Kathleen bosman coach references

Kathleen combines her results-orientation with lightness and humor and with the required patience for the growth process of the individual. She is known for her mildness and non-judgment and she works together with clients on the basis of co-partnership, respect, safety and trust. Thanks to her quick analytical mind, her accurate intuition and her easy access to systemic information she is able to get quickly to the core of the issue. She coaches on the level of beliefs and identity in the areas of people management, authentic leadership, discovering one’s essence, inner power, developing self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-awareness. She also has a track record in coaching newly appointed CEOs in taking up their role as CEO and how to be successful in this role.

Kathleen Bosman is accredited in Jungian personality theories (MBTI, Insights and iEQEnneagram). As a coach, she unites her passion for the development of the human potential with the insights from neuroscience that tell us what coaching does with the brain. By creating new brain connections, we start to look differently at existing situations. This enables us to change our behaviours which makes us better equipped to achieve our goals. As a coach, she observes on a daily basis how people achieve their goals faster and/or easier by consciously choosing their thoughts about who they are and what they do.

What others say about Kathleen Bosman

Johan Terryn
Johan Terryn
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Kathleen Bosman is a brilliant coach and trainer!

I 've had the pleasure to be trained as a coach by Kathleen Bosman. I admire her as an enthusiastic, talented and inspiring trainer / coach. Her insight into matter is deep and at the same time her way of conveying this matter is comprehensible and inspiring: a unique combination. The humour that Kathleen uses to create trust and lightness make her a brilliant coach and trainer.

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