Development for coaches

Mentor Coaching for ACC and PCC certification:

As Professional Certified Coach ICF, Coach-trainer and supervisor for the ICF Accredited Coach Training Program ROOT-GROW at Training & Coaching Square, Kathleen has trained and certified many coaches and has supervised hundreds of coaching sessions since 2008. As part of her desire to promote and support continued excellence in coaching, she decided to offer her coaching experience and expertise to other coaches.

The impact of coaching

The past decades, organizations and leaders have seen tangible proof of the added value of coaching and its positive impact on people’s performance and functioning. More and more leaders and professionals attend a professional coach training program to develop their coaching skills and more and more certified and non-certified coaches enter the job market. The feedback Kathleen gets from organizations is that there is a huge difference in quality and competences between the coaches who they contact and work with.

Therefore, it is important for coaches, especially for recently trained coaches with limited coaching experience, to be able to develop and enhance their coaching skills to differentiate themselves and gain credibility as a professional coach.

Are you an internal or independent coach and are you:

Kathleen can help you to up-skill your coaching insights and competencies so you gain the maximum leverage from the investment you have already made. She can work with you on each of the 11 ICF Coaching competencies to deepen your insights and  skills as a qualified coach.

As a highly experienced Executive coach, Kathleen understands what it takes to be a successful coach and to deliver tangible value to clients. She shares not only theoretical concepts and insights but offers countless real life examples of do’s and don’ts thanks to her more than 8000 hours of practical coaching experience and her expertise in executive business coaching

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To schedule an appointment with Kathleen or for any questions, click on the contact button below