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Individual coaching to meet your specific needs:

Individual coaching

Development needs can be very specific, are sometimes urgent and not always suitable for group training. Individual coaching can provide the ideal platform for you if you want to overcome barriers in a certain area or if you want to work on specific topics that are highly individual, such as self-acceptance, self-understanding, assertiveness and self-confidence. An individual coaching trajectory allows you to focus on your uniqueness, your enablers and your barriers and how to overcome the barriers that prevent you from moving forward to where you want to be. It is a journey of self-discovery that is both enriching and safe.

Before you start an individual coaching trajectory, Kathleen meets you for an intake conversation in which you explain the work you want to do and agree on how to work best together in order to achieve the goals you set for your trajectory. This intake conversation does not entail any obligation to work together as its purpose is also to find out if there is a good fit between the coach and the client. The intake conversation takes minimum one hour and maximum two hours.


Coaching trajectories vary in duration, depending upon the number of goals you want to set and the areas you want to cover during the trajectory. The duration also depends on the mandate you give yourself to dive into self-discovery and self-work.

Coaching trajectories also begin with a contracting session to identify the areas and topics you want to cover, including the objectives and outcomes you want to achieve. During the contracting session, you also discuss roles and responsibilities, coaching frequency, practical arrangements, invoicing and any other terms and conditions that may be required by you.
Kathleen will establish a coaching contract that summarizes the input from the contracting meeting and will send it to you for approval before the start of the coaching trajectory.

In line with the ICF code of ethics, a coaching trajectory is a partnership that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential in a thought-provoking and creative process. In line with the ICF code of ethics, the coach maintains the strictest level of confidentiality with you as a client and does not discuss the content of coaching conversations with anyone except yourself, unless release is required by law.

Coaching sessions

Kathleen offers face to face coaching sessions, or a blend of face to face and skype/telephone conversations, depending on your location, availability and preference.
Coaching sessions may vary in duration and frequency and this will be agreed in the contracting process. Telephone sessions are usually planned for a duration of 60 minutes and face to face sessions may range between one and a half and three hours in duration. In terms of frequency, coaching sessions are usually planned on a monthly basis, but can be scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis if required.

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