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Discover my new book:
"De-stress yourself"

Self-paced step-by-step guide for becoming your own stress master.

Chronic stress is a widespread phenomenon putting health and well-being at risk for many people in Western materialist societies. Most of us experience high stress levels in our daily lives, and we seem to accept it as the price for living a “good” life. However, if we do not handle stress well, it can lead to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and mental disorders. Almost 50 percent of the people I trained and coached in the past year told me that they had experienced burnout, had just recently recovered from the phenomenon, or were in the process of recovery.

As stress can do so much harm to our bodies and minds, I would like to share the tools and techniques I have discovered and also applied to manage negative stress and thus prevent burnout. This book provides you with helpful hints, tools, and techniques to reduce stress and enhance your well-being. And the good news is that everybody can learn to cope with negative stress.

Use this book as your guide and companion. Relax and enjoy the discovery.